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Freelance Artist | Fulltime Lettuce

Hey there! I'm OniI'm a 23 year old Illustrator who makes mildly funny content on the internetYou can support me via Gank!


(most active account; for urgent matters, reach out to me here)
Discord: Oniphobia#0904Email: [email protected]
(email me with the subject line "Inquiry" or "Commission")
I'm also reachable through twitter and** gank **though the first 3 options are more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT DO YOU USE TO DRAW?I draw digitally using:Acer Nitro 5 laptop
(previous) Wacom intuos comic tablet
(current) Huion Kamvas 22 plus
Clip Studio Paint Pro
In terms of CSP brushes:
I use various brushes from different sources, most of them are custom brushes (that I customized further), but just to name a few that I use frequently, here's a small list in no particular order:
(lineart) Soft Chalk Pencil <3
[Content ID: 1851426]
(lineart) Lying Pencil
[Content ID:1692979]
(lineart) Artemus Pencil
[Content ID: 1758182]
(lineart) Punch Pencil Set
[Content ID: 1815247]
(lineart & colouring) Paraphen
[Content ID: 1925636]
(lineart & colouring) SU Cream Pencil
[Content ID: 1761353]
(lineart & colouring) DryClumps
[Content ID: 1364758]
(colouring) Hoarse oil ■ Remake (かすれ油彩■リメイク)
[Content ID: 1776520]
(pixel art) Pixel Brushes Mega Pack
[Content ID: 1719532]
I am not sponsored by any of the brands listedCAN I USE YOUR ART?I STRICTLY DO NOT ALLOW REPOSTS, TRANSLATIONS, AND EDITS OF MY WORKSI've already posted my works online, I don't need more copies of them getting reposted again. If you want others to see my illustrations, share them on your ig story or simply retweet them instead of reposting them yourself.I've also worked hard in thinking up concepts, scenarios, and dialogues, its pretty disrespectful to take what I've made and make a completely different narration and story out of them. especially without MY permission.I allow my art to be used as a profile picture unless stated otherwise and as long as I'm credited for it on the profile's bio/description.As much as possible, do not use my art on art compilation videos.My designs can be used as inspiration or reference, but never trace them as that is a form of stealing.CAN WE DO AN ART TRADE OR COLLAB?I only accept trades with close friends/mutuals.
In terms of collaborations, please message me to check.
DO YOU TAKE REQUESTS/SUGGESTIONS?Unless I make a post specifically asking, I won't accept any art requests or suggestions.
I usually have a lot of other things or personal/work-related art to do so I don't really have the time to entertain these.

Terms of Service


  • All rights are reserved for the Artist. The Artist holds the copyright of the commissioned image. (further explained in IV. COPYRIGHT POLICY)

  • The commissioned works should NEVER, under any circumstances, be used for AI or NFT.

  • Commissioned art intended for commercial use will have additional charges (further explained in II. PAYMENT & PRICING)

  • The Commissioner may freely crop and reupload the commissioned image for non-commercial means only. Editing the image (e.g. adding filters, animating, etc.) is only permitted with explicit permission from the Artist. Credit to the artist is expected and required in these cases. (further explained in IV. COPYRIGHT POLICY)

  • The commissioned image may be freely reuploaded by the Artist. The commissioner will be charged an additional fee for the rights to keep the image private. (further explained in II. PAYMENT & PRICING)

  • The Artist has the right to refuse a commission for any reason.


  • First Pay, First Serve basis. Commissions must be paid fully upfront. If the Commissioner needs the work finished at an earlier deadline compared to the people who paid first, they must pay a rush fee of $5/per person they're overtaking in the queue.

  • The Commissioner should only send their payment after the Artist has sent them the invoice. The invoice is to be sent by the Artist after the initial sketch has been sent and the decisions have been thoroughly discussed with the Commissioner.

  • If the commissioner intends to use the image for commercial use (Commercial use is defined as any use of the image with the intention to generate profit, including but not limited to promotions, branding, etc. ) an additional charge of 200% will be added to the base price. Any further additional costs are left to the artist's discretion as per negotiation.

  • Rights to privacy with respect to the commissioned image will be an additional 50% of the price, applied in compound last.

  • Prices are subject to change without warning. Payments that have already been fulfilled and invoices that have already been issued are exempt from any price changes.


  • The Commissioner should state clearly all of the details and necessary information that they want to be shown in the commission during the initial discussion to lessen the need for major changes and revisions.

  • The Commissioner has the right to request two (2) minor revisions during the progress stage free of charge. The Artist will provide reports of their work-in-progress along with screenshots of the work for the commissioner to review.

  • Any subsequent major overhaul will cost an additional 20% of the full commission price, and any subsequent minor overhaul will cost an additional 5%. The Commissioner will be billed for these changes before they are applied. These additional charges will be applied in compound. No more changes except one minor change will be accepted after the final image has been rendered.

  • Minor changes that are requested by the Commissioner due to a misunderstanding from the Artist's part are free of charge.


  • The Commissioner cannot ask for a refund and/or cancellation after the Artist has started working on the commission.

  • The Commissioner can cancel the commission if and only if the Artist hasn't sent the initial sketch yet. Once the Artist has finished the intial sketch, it's already considered a work-in-progress.

  • If the Artist is unable to complete the work under any circumstance, they will issue a full refund, but if there was already a significant amount of work progress with the commission that was sent to the Commissioner for approval, it will only be a partial refund (excluding the service fee Paypal takes from the transaction). The Commissioner will be notified beforehand.


Oniphobia (the Artist), have the rights over the illustration's rights, not the buyer (unless they've purchased these rights as explained in the "Rights to Privacy" clause in II (a). PAYMENT & PRICING).As copyright owner, they are allowed to use the works to:

  • Use the finished commission or work-in-progress screenshots and videos online to promote their work.

  • Use the illustrations as part of their portfolio.

  • Post it anywhere (social media and the like.)

The Commissioner is allowed to:

  • Post it anywhere . (Provided that they give proper credits to the Artist.)

  • Print the work as long as it's not for commercial purposes.

  • (IF: the commission is of an Original Character) Claim ownership of the character, but not the work itself.

The following are considered as forms of COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT:

  • Removing the Artist's watermark.

  • Editing the work without the Artist's explicit permission.

  • Claiming the work as their own.

  • Reproducing and profiting from the work.


WILL DRAW:-Original Characters
-Real people (in personal artstyle)
-Excessive body horror and violence
-Hate art or anything that makes me uncomfortable
MIGHT CONSIDER:-Pixel art style
-Character Sheets
-Comic Panels
-Light Gore
-Elaborate Props
ADDITIONAL INFO:- The prices listed are only the base prices. Actual price may vary depending on the complexity and overall design of the commission.
- All prices listed are set in USD.
- The default image resolution is 300 dpi.
- The minimum canvas size is around 2000 x 2000 px (except for the emotes which are 500 x 500 px by default.)
- The files will be in PNG format and will be sent via a google drive folder.
- Those that are filed under "MIGHT CONSIDER" will have a different set of pricing if they ever get accepted. (prices will be decided after discussing the initial inquiry.)
- Inquiring is free and I'm willing to give an estimate for the price quote, just don't expect a sketch sample for it.
- The turnaround time is around 1-2 weeks per illustration depending on the complexity.
- Payments are to be sent via Gank. If the client is locally from the Philippines, I'll allow payments through Gcash and the price in PHP will be based off of the current currency conversion equivalent.